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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000601 registrationmajornew2010-09-26Issue Tracker config issue: I can't select the exiv2 project for reporting a bug!
   0000478 documentationtextnew2006-06-27Typo in the printdeep section of the tutorial
   0000472 documentationtextnew2006-06-18Typo in the Modulus Operator section of the tutorial
   0000466 robot behaviorminornew2006-04-11Robot does not reduse call to fire above 2147483647 killing the robot.
   00004541system variablesfeaturenew2006-03-09_authorid
   0000453 documentationtextnew2006-03-08Strtrim - Typo In Docs
   00003915rslfeaturefeedback2005-10-11Add _radiocomm[n]._turn
   00004342documentationtrivialnew2005-08-06Docs for _teamid indicate range of 0 to _teamstotal-1
   0000436 rslminornew2005-07-15Peculiar event bug with certain simultaneous events
   00001847movement and collisionsminoracknowledged2005-07-15(suggestion) fractional angles and ranges
   0000435 documentationminornew2005-07-15docs not quite correct with _heading vs. _bodyaim for bearings
   0000432 miscellaneoustweaknew2005-06-02This is a suggestion for a feature: To have compatibility to program in Visual Basic.
   00004302rslfeaturenew2005-05-21Add the possibility of specify the height and width of the msgbox command.
   0000419 documentationtextnew2005-02-27The manual entry for customevents is incomplete
   0000415 system variablesminornew2005-02-18_cldmissile system variable is spelled wrong in two places
   00003574load listsminoracknowledged2004-11-15Starting a loadlist from within the game loses some options
  00002512user interfacetweakacknowledged2004-11-15Error tab in inspector should be unsorted
   00003902user interfacefeatureacknowledged2004-11-15Using formulas for arena size and number of games
   00003852renderingfeatureacknowledged2004-11-15Debug drawing mode
   00003891user interfacefeatureacknowledged2004-11-15Automatic byte counting
  00001561system variablesfeatureacknowledged2004-11-15Add _deathreason
   0000364 match savefeatureacknowledged2004-11-15Add an option to save random seed along witrh game.
   00003592documentationminoracknowledged2004-11-15Command parameter types
   00003527robot behaviortweakacknowledged (brad)2004-11-15Record of events in a given turn is incomplete
  00001603user interfacetrivialacknowledged2003-07-25Mouse wheel does not scroll through robots in Select dropdown.
   00002323renderingminoracknowledged (brad)2002-12-11Old images left behind in the arena
  00000115rslfeatureacknowledged2002-12-03Add #include (or similar)
   00002467user interfacefeatureacknowledged2002-12-02ColorCombo
  00001597movement and collisionsminoracknowledged2002-09-09There is no collision animation (explosion) shown when two missiles strike each other
   00001862user interfaceminoracknowledged2002-08-19Reload button adds robots to list, does not replace them
   00001823user interfacefeatureacknowledged2002-08-17Robot wreckages visible
   00000125game balancefeatureacknowledged2002-08-15give bonus energy for killing robots
  00001203user interfacetweakacknowledged2002-08-15Restart match graphic
  00001671user interfacefeatureacknowledged2002-06-03Make match settings viewable during round
   00001461user interfaceminoracknowledged2002-05-25Allow user to end or restart match from robot bug window
   00001291miscellaneousfeatureacknowledged2002-05-24Make scans visible
  00000102miscellaneousfeatureacknowledged2002-05-11pen-up and pen-down graphics feature
  00000892user interfacefeatureacknowledged2002-05-02Robot's name visible under the robot
   00000631rslfeatureacknowledged2002-04-08Getting rid of _Result


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